About the Author

W. Henry Miller,
the son of Charles G.
and Sarah (Manley) Miller,
was born in Boonsville, 
 Texas, on April 3, 1882.
He completed his early years
of education in Boonsville
and graduated from
Peaster College in 1901.
Miller moved to the
South Plains in 1902
in an attempt to
acquire some
undeveloped land.
It was in this
area of Texas
that he became
involved in several
business ventures,
one of which was
helping to develop
Lamb County.
Miller also became
involved in a mercantile
business in Indian territory
and the promotion of the use
of silos all over North Texas.
He established an oil company
during the Burkburnett Oil Boom of
1918 and married Carrie
T. Hawthorne in 1919.
He published The Heights Weekly 
but eventually sold it so that he could
spend more time operating his
real estate company,
 the W. Henry Miller Company.
  In 1945, he became
an inactive member of  the
real estate company
so that he could do historical
research fulltime.
Miller died in Boonsville, Texas,
on May 24, 1953.
The Naylor Company
in San Antonio, Texas,
published  his book 
Pioneering North Texas
in that same year.

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