"Pioneering North Texas" has been difficult to find for almost 70 years.
     By publishing a new edition of "Pioneering North Texas", our hope is that we will be able to get this fantastic Texas Historical Fiction Book into the hands of the general population.
     In the past, about the only places you could  this book were with a book collector, in a reference department at a university library, or with someone in the Miller family.
     The author, W. Henry Miller, spent many years researching historical events that were a part of the migration into the Republic of Texas. He then plotted his saga around the historical events he had researched.
     His bibliography
in the back of the book
proves how diligent
he was at making sure
historical events were
recorded accurately.
     The historical
significance of
this  SAGA is
     We are excited that we have been able to reproduce "Pioneering North Texas", and we are positive you will enjoy it!

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